Finding a good domain name for your business

4 April 2017

Businesses face a major challenge when it comes to finding a great domain name for their business. Unless their business name is completely off-the-wall, something like Timbuktu Homemade Pies, then don’t expect to find the .com available. That leaves two options for business owners: 1. attempt to purchase a domain name from the current owner; or 2. look for an extension other than .com.

Negotiating with existing owners is often out of the question, because they either need the domain name for their business, or they are not willing to sell it for a reasonable price. It is certainly worth a try, but don't build up your hopes, unless you have plenty of money to spare and fine negotiating skills. If you want to help with this, then contact Kwozo, who are experienced in domain name brokering.

Let's look at the option of finding an available domain name. Many businesses will seek to register their business name in their country code extension, like .au for Australian businesses, or .uk for British businesses. This is a great option if the domain name is available, but increasingly they are not. Fortunately, ICANN (the organisation that oversees the Internet) has permitted a range of new domain names extensions to become available to users, such as .attorney and .dentist. Chances are, there is a domain extension to suit your area of business.

It can also be a good strategy to register a name that relates to your product or services, such as if your company is a law firm in Boston, or if you are a tour operator in the Australian outback. Names like these can be easily remembered by customers and can work well with promotion campaigns.

If you need help finding a suitable domain name, contact Kwozo.

- Jeremy Northcote, CEO of WA Consulting

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